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GDPR (Personal data)

Ivholt’s Restaurant & Hotel AB (Dannegården Trelleborg) ( 556944-8854) is responsible of and handling of personal data in connection with the booking of any of our services. Our intention is always to protect your integrity and comply with applicable laws that are intended to protect you as an individual.

“Personal Data” means any information that may be linked directly or indirectly to a living person today. Personal data is used to administer and handle your bookings and optimize your experience in our communication with you. Please read below to understand how and for what purposes we handle your Personal data. By submitting your Personal data to us and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to your personal data being handled. If the law requires more specific consent from you, we will of course ask for one.If you add Personal Data about other persons, you take the responsibility for allowing us to handle Personal Data of those in accordance with applicable rules.

Collection and Handling of Personal Data
We collect and handle your Personal Data only if permitted by law. Collection and handling can be done when making a booking or during and after your stay.

When required by law to obtain consent for the handling of certain types of personal data or for certain forms of handling, consent will be obtained from you prior to handling.

Information from and about you we collect and handle
We only collect Personal Data that are relevant to our business. This is information that you have given us directly or as you have given us through a travel agent or agent. The information that may be collected is e.g. Information about name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, nationality, maybe a link to company, dietary requirements or other information you choose yourself to disclose to our business.

Purpose for which we handle your Personal Data
Our business uses Personal Data to:

  • Process your bookings and orders
  • Contact you via e.g. Phone, text or email, or to alert your booking status, or information that connects to your booking before, during and after your stay.
  • diagnose errors and be able to contact you in case of a booking or implementation issue of a service,
  • Maintain the best possible communication with you regarding our services,
  • Increase your benefit and experience of our services

You may, at any time and without charge, request that the business does not handle your Personal Data for marketing purposes or revoke your consent to this.

Storage and transferring of Personal Data
The business stores personal data in accordance with applicable legislation. Any subcontractor of us treats your Personal data solely on our behalf, in accordance with our instructions, to ensure a high level of protection for your Personal Data.

We may disclose Personal Data to third parties, for example, for investigating criminal offenses or for disclosing information pursuant to law or governmental decision.

Protection and screening of Personal Data
We work continuously to protect your Personal Data against e.g. manipulation or unauthorized access, and use the security measures that continuous technological advances offer.

We screen and delete Personal Data in accordance with applicable law. This means, for example, that we delete or unidentify Personal Data when the purpose of processing your Personal Data is no longer relevant.

Change, delete and review of Personal Data
If you wish a contact or if your Personal Information is changed, please inform us by sending a message

Hotell Dannegården
Ivholts Restaurang & Hotell AB
Strandgatan 32
231 62 Trelleborg.

Our business is not responsible for any issues that arise from the fact that Personal Data is old or incorrect, if you have failed to inform us of the change.

We will at your request or if we detect it, correct or delete incorrect or incomplete information. You also have the right to receive an excerpt, without charge, which shows the Personal data about you being handled. The request for excerpt should be made in writing to the above address and must be signed by you as well as your name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address (used in communication with us). The excerpt will be sent to your registrated address within one month.

You may at any time revoke your consent for further handling (not retroactively) of your Personal data. However, you are advised that the revocation of consent does not affect handling allowed without consent (such as providing of the Services you ordered).

Hotel Dannegården
Strandgatan 32, Trelleborg
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